I enjoy things that take time to get right. There is a social stigma that our professional selves must be polished and presented as the epitome of all things great. In reality, we hide our true selves.We may be unkempt, anxious, unbothered, irreverent, or mentally depleted. I for one, have moments of anxiety when translating my thoughts into speech. It would all help if we slowed down
a little.
Content catered to the public is fast and perfect, when the world is far from it.We have to keep up the impression that everything we do and show is “amazing” or “awesome.” I think this leads to a lack of authenticity in both culture and ourselves. This isn’t a bio, it’s more of a rant, but if you would like to, I’d love to share a conversation with you. It’s something I’m working on.


Fact of the Day: The inventor of the surgical glove struggled with a cocaine and morphine addication for the majority of his adult life.